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At, we believe you are happier when you love your work and the people you share it with.

In 2013, we launched our innovative coaching platform with a single mission, to empower purpose driven business leaders with the competitive advantage, confidence and connections to maximize career fulfillment... and over the past 3 years, 1,000+ executives have leveraged our one-of-a-kind training to cultivate a steady stream of target jobs, launch consulting businesses and increase sales!

Our goal for The Career Empowerment podcast is to share valuable perspective, inspirational stories and actionable tips to help you do the same. When we're not interviewing visionary entrepreneurs, market disrupting innovators or rockstar clients, we'll field your questions (email them to and transform any career challenge into a growth opportunity.

Descriptions and links are listed below in reverse chronological order. Enjoy!


Episode 1: Kerry Stover, Chief Operations Officer, Pariveda Solutions (35:30)

Topic: How To Grow A Market-Leading Consulting Business By Developing People

Description: Kerry's vision, values, leadership perspective, organizational development philosophies and formula for sustained employee and customer success will inspire you to work smarter to advance your career and/or business.

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Episode 2: Alex Welk, Strategic Planning, Business Optimization, Sales And Customer Success Consultant (53:20)

Topic: How To Cultivate Your Own Job Market By Helping Executives Grow Their Business

Description: Alex shares how he landed a $250/hour consulting gig, compelled 2 emerging businesses to create VP roles around his skillset and brokered a prospective 9-figure strategic partnership... all while working full-time.

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Kyle Gantos, Founder + CEO

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