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  • By Kyle Gantos

Interview Preparation: Are You Ready For The Hiring Manager?

Listen and learn how to grab attention and build trust with hiring managers by demonstrating your passion for their mission, cultivating a genuine relationship, discovering their unique business challenges, articulating how you can grow their bottom line, and providing quantifiable evidence of your past performance.

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Kyle Gantos

As Founder & CEO at MeetYourGig.com, I'm leading the effort to develop the information standard, cultivate career-long relationships with influential business leaders, and engineer reliable technology that will empower hiring managers, recruiters, and job seekers to work smarter.

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Executive Job Hunting Is No Different Than Dating

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever posted or read a status update like this on LinkedIn or Facebook:...


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Personal Branding Tips: How To Stand Out From Other Job Seekers

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Many of us know great branding when we see it. For me, there’s:

  • Google – a fast and reliable way to find anything on the web; trust...


Tap Into The Hidden Job Market And Land Your Dream Job

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Which of the following scenarios most accurately describes your present situation?

  • I wake up every morning with energy and enthusiasm...


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If you were stranded indefinitely on a deserted island, which survival tool would you choose?...

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