How To Land Target Jobs And Clients By Interviewing Business Executives


Good morning?

Jingle, chime, buzz, jingle, chime, buzz, jingle, chime, buzz.

The moment your smartphone alarm triggers consciousness…

Do you feel enthusiasm for the day ahead or are you overwhelmed with stress and anxiety?

Are you persistently pursuing a purpose or selling your time to grow someone else’s dream?

Will you learn, grow and collaborate with like-mind people or perpetuate the emptiness?

For the first 10+ years of my career, I rolled out of bed dreading the next 10 hours. I was under-challenged, unappreciated and unfulfilled. I knew the right fit was out there, but I had no clue how to find it, let alone prove I deserved it over thousands of “qualified” peers.

And then one day, I discovered a challenge that was so compelling, I decided to build my career around it. But, instead of applying online, relying on subjective screening and trying to win the interview game, I just created and began my own job. I let my leadership do the talking.

The best part about my new gig was the freedom I had to meet hundreds of business leaders, crowdsource their wisdom, crystalize their goals, identify their barriers and engineer solutions. And the more value I created, the more opportunities, income and happiness I generated.

Fast forward to today. At 5:30am, I jumped out of bed eager to improve myself, empower my clients and grow my business. I don’t ask for permission. I don’t sell. I just discover and solve problems. And the best part is I choose the people I want to help. I control my destiny.

But, enough about me. You are here because you know you are capable of greatness and you refuse to settle for less. And, like all authentic leaders, you are self-driven. You just need the right process to land your dream executive job, target consulting gigs or both.

So, if you’re one of the 90% who wishes you had you had a more rewarding career, trust me when I tell you that your lightbulb moment is so much closer than you think.

Consider this…

Every morning you wake up unsatisfied, so do thousands of entrepreneurs and executives.

Each has a dream, a vision, goals, and challenges (time, expertise and support) just like you.

Each aspires to make more money, save more money and save more time.

Regardless of economy, industry or size, every company on this planet can benefit from leaders that elevate strategic planning, organizational development, talent development, product development, sales, service, operations, technology, finance, project management, etc.

Forget experience, education and certifications. You excel in one or more of those functions, right? That means you can help every employer on the planet, specifically the ambitious executives who are tasked with growing and improving them.

The problem is that neither of you know the other exists, but they have a company to run. So, the only person who can broker the introduction is YOU.

Here is a proven method that takes only 3 hours and will net you an average of 3-5 meetings with influential executives per week (regardless of your background, if you’ve got a LinkedIn account and an open mind, you will get results if you follow these simple instructions)…

Instead of spamming them, mentioning you’re looking for a better job or asking if they would like to meet for a power networking session, dare to differentiate your leadership…

    1. Compliment them on their business, indicate you have a passion for what they’re doing and express an interest in learning from their formula for success over coffee.
    2. Take time to ask them about their journey, lessons and philosophies. Identify common values. Share perspectives and stories. If you like them as a person, continue.
    3. Ask them to articulate their short and long-term business goals, how they measure success and what could go wrong. If you are compelled by the challenge, continue.
    4. Start researching the market, competition and growth opportunities. Scope their present state and identify areas for improvement. Craft a step-by-step growth plan.
    5. Mention you believe you may be able to help them achieve or surpass their goal quicker or more efficiently. Invite them to lunch to learn more and decide if it’s valuable.

This is a volume play. You spend a small amount of time clicking, copying and pasting. Then, you invest your valuable time with vetted decision makers who are hungry to get better. Next, you crystalize their goals, scope their challenges and articulate solutions.

And, here are the benefits of thinking and acting unlike anyone they’ve ever met…

    1. Eliminate your competition before it ever even exists (learn more).
    2. Acquire vast knowledge and perspective as you develop new skills.
    3. Showcase your value to hundreds of future employers, clients and referrers.
    4. Test-drive prospective collaborators and clients before investing your future.
    5. Maximize your options, benchmark the best fit and boost earning potential.

But, don’t just take my word for it. Put my job search and customer acquisition strategy to the test…


Send LinkedIn invitations to 100 C-level executives (learn why 100 is so important) . If you execute as instructed, I guarantee you will line up 3-5 meetings within the next week. It really is that simple. Skeptical? Listen to a recent client catalog his journey to landing a $250/hour consulting gig.

Bonus Tip…

To maximize meeting and opportunity conversion rates, I recommend learning How To Write An Executive Resume That Gets 10X More Interviews first. Differentiating your ROI and inspiring trust at every impression point is the number one correlation for success.

Opportunities Are Everywhere...

The best companies invest in leaders who create them.

You have the ambition. Now you have the solution. All that’s missing is the action.

How do you want to feel when you wake up tomorrow morning?

Bonus Training…

Discover the strategy that enabled 1,000+ business leaders to generate 20,000+ meetings with influential executives, secure 2,500+ target jobs/clients and boost cumulative income by $12,500,000+ in 3 years. This comprehensive step-by-step guide includes detailed examples and validated case studies to ensure you get superior results. 


Kyle Gantos, Founder + CEO

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