How To Cultivate Your Own Job Market By Helping Executives Grow Their Business

In the 2nd episode of The Career Empowerment Podcast, we interview Alex Welk, a strategic planning, business optimization, sales and customer success executive, who leveraged a proven process to secure a $250/hour consulting gig, compel 2 emerging businesses to explore creating VP roles around his skillset and broker a prospective 9-figure strategic partnership… all while working full-time and balancing a growing family.

As far as we know, Alex is human just like you. So how did he do it? Take a listen…

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Discover the strategy that enabled 1,000+ business leaders to generate 20,000+ meetings with influential executives, secure 2,500+ target jobs/clients and boost cumulative income by $12,500,000+ in 3 years. This comprehensive step-by-step guide includes detailed examples and validated case studies to ensure you get superior results. 


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