How To Cultivate Your Own Job Market By Helping Executives Grow Their Business

In the 2nd episode of The Career Empowerment Podcast, we interview Alex Welk, a strategic planning, business optimization, sales and customer success executive, who leveraged a proven process to secure a $250/hour consulting gig, compel 2 emerging businesses to explore creating VP roles around his skillset and broker a prospective 9-figure strategic partnership… all while working full-time and balancing a growing family.

As far as we know, Alex is human just like you. So how did he do it? Take a listen…

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Discover the strategy that enabled 1,000+ business leaders to generate 20,000+ meetings with influential executives, secure 2,500+ target jobs/clients and boost cumulative income by $12,500,000+ in 3 years. This comprehensive step-by-step guide includes detailed examples and validated case studies to ensure you get superior results. 


Kyle Gantos, Founder + CEO

"There are two types of people in this world; those who expend opportunistic effort to maintain status quo, and those who passionately master their craft, tirelessly transform vision into reality and consistently create value for colleagues and customers. My mission is to develop, support and connect purposeful performers with enlightened business leaders who understand the importance of investing in, and empowering, excellence."


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