How One Ambitious Executive Job Search Client Landed His Dream Leadership Role


At, I spend a good portion of each day showing clients how our validated approach to job searching can help them achieve even the loftiest of career goals. Occasionally though, I run across a job seeker who doesn’t want to put in the hard work necessary to achieve his goal. Some people actually believe they should be able to just press an “easy button” and others will do the heavy lifting for them!

Well, the good news is that most job seekers aren’t quite that delusional. There are plenty of ambitious leaders who decide their future is worth getting right and who make a commitment to take ownership of their results. And without question, the best part of my job is hearing from a client who has just accepted their target offer. When a job seeker places trust in you, works relentlessly to execute the plan and leverages your guidance and support from beginning to end, there simply isn't a better feeling than sharing in that person’s victory!

Here is a recent client success story and how it unfolded…

July 13th

I received a consultation request from Patrick. During our call, he explained that corporate restructuring phased him out of a long-tenured operations leadership role. Over the previous 6 months, he had taken on a series of consulting engagements while searching for his next full-time challenge. Unfortunately the work was beginning to wear on him—and so too was the fact that, despite being an accomplished and credentialed executive, he was getting virtually zero results from online applications and recruiters.

July 15th

I received Patrick's "Candidate Bio", which is the rigorous process MYG designed to identify and align career goals, relevant business strengths and quantifiable accomplishments. My team uses this information to craft superior branding materials and prepare clients to better distinguish themselves in interviews. The first thing I noticed, however, was that Patrick copied and pasted much of the information directly from his old resume. He also included half a dozen links to outside resources, essentially asking me to research his career. We butted heads a bit, and I explained the importance of the exercise and reiterated that my commitment to his success did not allow for shortcuts. He agreed to try again instead of accepting a partial refund and parting ways. This was a huge turning point for both of us.

July 21st

After some feedback and revisions, I had a Candidate Bio that I could turn into a superior resume and LinkedIn profile. The information was thorough, concise and relevant—just the way it should be delivered in person. While I took the next 5-7 business days to work on his first drafts, I asked Patrick to familiarize himself with our tactical videos, outreach templates and the campaign tracker. It’s important for clients to hit the ground running when the personal branding phase is complete.

July 24th

Patrick requested my editorial feedback on some follow-up correspondence with a company he had interviewed with prior to becoming a client. I changed a few things, sent revisions, and reminded him to review MYG’s on-demand member resources (which include suggested messages a job seeker should send before and after an interview). This was a prime example of how Patrick would regularly solicit feedback while we took this journey together.

August 2nd

After collaborating with Patrick to condense and refine his Candidate Bio into an updated (and stronger) resume, I was able to deliver the finalized product in addition to his revamped LinkedIn profile.

August 5th

Patrick dialed into one of our live coaching sessions (MYG currently offers 3 sessions each week so that our clients from across the country can engage with each other, ask questions publicly and hold one another accountable). That night, he shared that he had aggressively implemented both Tactic 1 and Tactic 2 of our systematic approach. After just a few days, he had received an influx of interest from influential industry executives who wanted to meet with him 1-on-1. Instead of wasting time submitting online applications and waiting on recruiters, Patrick had cast a wide net, reeled in key decision makers in his target space, and started realizing the benefits of superior branding, efficient tactics and hard work. Patrick did not attend the following week’s calls... he was too busy interviewing!

August 17th

I was working on a new client’s resume when I received the following email:

Hi Kyle,

This is a good one for the books… I went in on a lesser job interview. They were way low on the pay and the job was not a good fit. I left the first interview thinking “oh well, on to the next one”. Two weeks later, they called me back and asked me to assess their operation. Just last week, I learned they decided to create a new position built around my skill set... six figures, great benefits and a bonus program. Barring a lightning strike, I’m accepting this job. Not only that, but I also received a very generous offer from another one of my target companies. I called their GM and we talked through why I was taking the other offer. He was not happy, but I think he saw the opportunity.

I am truly humbled and grateful.

- Patrick

As you can imagine, I immediately called Patrick to congratulate him. We expressed our appreciation for working with one another and he graciously allowed me to share his story. But, of course, now that I’ve shared his story, it’s time to start writing the next one. Will you become the next Patrick?

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