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We transform ambitious job seekers into "must hire" candidates and equip them with the roadmap, resources and reinforcement they need to secure the target job offer they deserve.

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The #1 Job Search Optimization Platform. Period.

A Smarter, More Reliable Way To Advance Your Career!

Unlike run-of-the-mill career services professionals and outplacement firms that reinforce your reliance on intermediaries and luck, we'll condition you to think like a CEO, act like an entrepreneur and perform like a rock star.



Our systematic process will guide you from step one to day one at your dream gig.



Our sophisticated approach will empower you to cultivate your own job market.



Our built-in quality assurance channels ensure superior job search results.

After 16 years with the same company, reentering the job market was a scary proposition. The MYG process is well thought out and the resources are enormously valuable. In 3 months, I met with 40 decision makers and negotiated a $10K bonus to accept a target career opportunity! <Listen>

Sebastien Sebastien
Finance & Operations Executive

The coaches were knowledgeable, the tools prepared me for interviews and the weekly calls connected me with other professionals across the country, facilitated idea sharing and kept me motivated. I recommend to anyone seeking a career boost. <More>

Stacy Stacy
Project Manager

End-To-End Job Search Solutions That Deliver Superior Results!

Personal branding

Personal Branding

Our comprehensive personal branding exercise will equip you with the compelling value proposition you need to stand out from 99% of your peers!

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Resume writing

Resume Writing

Our value-based resume writing process will empower you with the competitive advantage you need to generate up to 200% more interviews!

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Linkedin optimization

LinkedIn Optimization

Our LinkedIn optimization techniques will distinguish your talent ROI from the competition and attract up to 85% more target employers!

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Networking guidance

Networking Guidance

Our visibility-maximizing entrepreneurial networking tactics will help you uncover up to 65% more unpublished career opportunities!

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Interview preparation

Interview Preparation

Our sophisticated interview preparation methods and savvy follow-up guidelines will boost your offer conversion rates by up to 75%!

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Salary negotiation

Salary Negotiation

Our tactful negotiation procedure will position you with the ammunition you need to increase your earning potential by up to 10%!

Learn More puts you in a position of influence and control of the entire job search process. High quality branding and tactical resources are augmented with weekly conference calls that support your campaign from beginning to end, making this a job seeker's best asset! <Listen>

Bruce Bruce
Business Development Executive

I engaged after my position was eliminated. The process, templates and personalized guidance were far superior to the outplacement support my employer provided. They even helped me negotiate a compensation package above the approved position salary! <More>

Angela Angela
Manager of Technical Education

Everything You Need To Accelerate Your Job Search Is Just A Click Away!

A proven playbook

A Proven Playbook

Gain instant access to 10 progressive learning modules, 200+ minutes of step-by-step video tutorials and organic FAQ. No wasted effort. Just execute the playbook.

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Validated resources

Validated Resources

Leverage 25 plug-and-play templates that have been validated by thousands of ambitious business leaders before you. Save time and optimize your productivity.

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Professional writing

Professional Writing

After we approve your Candidate Bio (our proprietary branding exercise), you'll receive a quote to outsource completion of your resume to our team of experts.

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Quality assurance

Quality Assurance

You only get 1 chance to make a 1st impression. Submit exercises, marketing materials and correspondence for approval before deploying to hiring managers.

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Built-in coaching

Built-In Coaching

Attend up to 3 live group-coaching sessions per week. Ask questions. Get answers. Share progress. Optimize your productivity. Leverage 20+ hours of archived calls.

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Personalized support

Personalized Support

Schedule 1-on-1 coaching sessions and mock interviews with an expert who will provide honest feedback and take time to ensure you're prepared for success.

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As a first-time job seeker, I was overwhelmed with online tips. educated me, equipped me with a process and taught me how to cultivate opportunities for the rest of my career. I recommend this program to anyone who is serious about working smarter! <Listen>

Kathryn Kathryn
Environmental Research Assistant focuses upon the reality of the task at hand to proactively attack a job search, without making false promises or reinforcing passive measures. The content and techniques teach you how to help yourself. If you’re motivated and coachable, this is a game-changer. <More>

Steve Steve
Marketing & Sales Executive

We Work With Business Leaders Who Refuse To Settle For Less!

Unlike certified amateurs and self-proclaimed specialists who overcharge and under deliver, we're accountable for delivering superior value. Our extraordinary results speak for themselves.

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Monthly Membership Retention Rate 89%

Observe A 25X+ Productivity Increase 84%

Accept A Target Job Offer Within 90 Days 71%

Secure An Unpublished Job Opportunity 64%

Negotiate $10K+ In Bonus Compensation 58%

Regardless of your industry, function, role or experience, our training process is engineered to help you take control of your future. Commit to executing our program and you will succeed.

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Director, Vice President & CXO 75%

Operations & Finance 32%

Sales & Marketing 31%

IT & Project Management 24%

Consulting & Service 13%







$ 141 K

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"We'll teach you how to distinguish your talent ROI, bypass unqualified talent evaluators, maximize your exposure to influential business leaders, cultivate your own job market and boost your earning potential... skills you can leverage for the rest of your career!"

- Kyle Gantos, Founder & CEO -

The Most Affordable & Effective Job Search Coaching On The Market!

Success Toolkit

Everything The DIY Job Seeker Needs


  • 10 Progressive Learning Modules
  • 200+ Minutes Of Video Tutorials
  • 25 Plug & Play Templates
  • 3 Live Weekly Coaching Sessions
  • 20+ Hours Of Archived Sessions
  • 0% Quality Assurance Discount
  • $0 Recurring Service Credits
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Fast Track

Affordable Access To Expert Feedback


  • 10 Progressive Learning Modules
  • 200+ Minutes Of Video Tutorials
  • 25 Plug & Play Templates
  • 3 Live Weekly Coaching Sessions
  • 20+ Hours Of Archived Sessions
  • 10% Quality Assurance Discount
  • $150 Recurring Service Credits
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Executive VIP

Quality Assurance Every Step Of The Way


  • 10 Progressive Learning Modules
  • 200+ Minutes Of Video Tutorials
  • 25 Plug & Play Templates
  • 3 Live Weekly Coaching Sessions
  • 20+ Hours Of Archived Sessions
  • 20% Quality Assurance Discount
  • $400 Recurring Service Credits
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Quality Assurance

Upload Content For Approval Before Deploying

Linked Profile, Elevator Pitch, Existing Contacts & New Connections Messages = $75

Candidate Bio, Resume, Cover Letter, 90-Day Action Plan & Negotiation Template = $150

Get Elite Job Search Support

Schedule A 1-On-1 Coaching Or Mock Interview Session = $300

Purchase A Professionally Written Resume = $600 - $1,200

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